Footballer Leonardo finds himself in quite a predicament. Totally nude, gagged, his cock and balls are tied to his feet. It’s an awkward position and no mistake. His wrists are cuffed together behind his back and lashed to the ceiling. This keeps him bent over & very vulnerable. He can’t […]

BreederFuckers – Footballer Leonardo Finds Himself In A Predicament

With his ankles clamped and his head-gag strung up to the ceiling, hunk Jamie can do nothing to prevent his tight white pants being yanked aside to reveal his warm tight hole. The BreederFuckers men take their time prying apart his hairy ass cheeks to fully appreciate viewing his virgin […]

BreederFuckers – Hunky Lad Jamie Strung Up & Dildo Fucked

Kieran’s ass may already be sore and blazing red, but the pervy men at BreederFuckers are far from finished using this straight cunt to satisfy their own selfish desires. They drag him in and pin him down while he’s stark naked and completely vulnerable. Kieran snivels and moans hoping for […]

BreederFuckers – Kieran Tied Down & Gets His Arse Abused

Introducing all-new sadistic schoolboy Master Lucas. He’s being taught a boring school lesson by wormy sub and teacher elliott. The boredom of the class gets too much for Master Lucas and he can’t resist the urge to inflict some damage on the idiot teacher. The handsome pupil grabs the teacher’s […]

BrutalTops – Master Lucas – SUCK MY DICK AND SWALLOW ...

At BreederFuckers handsome Lucas struts around the streets like he owns them. Popular. Young. Physically fit. Captain of his college’s football team. His status changes quickly once he’s lured down into a deep dark basement where two bad men strong arm him into submission. Now he’s nothing but meat for […]

BreederFuckers – Handsome Lucas Stripped & Flogged

New sadistic master Stewart enters to find submissive worm elliott squirming on the floor. The master is dressed in sports wear and is sweaty and smelly. He quickly pushes the sub’s head down and orders him to lick clean his filthy sports shoes. Then he grabs a belt which he […]

BrutalTops – Master Stewart – YOU’RE GONNA LICK MY STINKING ...

At BreederFuckers, backpacker Wayne makes a rookie mistake when visiting a new city by talking to a stranger. This travelling ladies’ man is seeking out new adventures, but gets more than he reckoned for when he follows a shady character down to a basement where everything suddenly goes black for […]

BreederFuckers – Backpacker Wayne Tied To Chair & Fucked

Vicious sadist Master Stewart continues his harsh treatment of his pathetic sub elliott. He appears wearing sports gear and wields a belt with which he cruelly thrashes the arse of the naked sub. Soon the worm’s arse cheeks are red raw and he squirms from the powerful, painful blows which […]

BrutalTops – Master Stewart – GET YOUR TONGUE UP MY ...

House dom, Master Christian Wilde, awaits on the rim chair, gazing down on the muscled slave before him. Jacob Durham lies on the ground in a leather straight-jacket, bit-gag in place as a tight noose pulls on Jacob’s fat cock and balls. He’s dragged across the floor by his balls […]

BoundGods – Self-Reflection – Christian Wilde, Jacob Durham

Handsome new Master Aaron appears to brutally mistreat this pathetic sub. He strips off his clothes and sits on the runt’s face, barking at him to deeply lick and rim the Master’s tight arsehole. Then young Aaron has the sub suck his dick until it’s impressively erect before he rams […]

BrutalTops – Master Aaron – RIM ME BEFORE I FUCK ...