Sordid Master Wayne has returned and he’s just finished football training. He’s sweaty and returns to the lockers to find a naked pervert bottom tied to the bench with its head facing upwards on the seat. Wayne sits on the sub peter’s face and makes him breathe in the sweaty […]

BrutalTops – Master Wayne – TONGUE MY ARSEHOLE THEN DRINK ...

Cop Kieran is initiated into full on cock whoredom for the nasty BreederFuckers. This straight fucker’s mouth should be permanently open and ready to take any big hard cock that wants to be pleasured so he’s fitted with a gag which pries his gob open. Toby rams his cock inside […]

BreederFuckers – Kieran’s Hole Is Brutally Fucked

A dirty punter makes the stupid mistake of booking a session with skinhead Master Derek, thinking that by paying for this Top’s ‘time’ will put him in the driving seat… Well he’s got a rude awakening coming to him! Treated like a dog, mercilessly beaten, punched, kicked, gobbed on and […]

BrutalTops – Master Derek & Master Toby – HARD SKINHEAD ...

Sheltered schoolboy Vincent is a proper little gentleman till his home is invaded by two pervy guys who tie him up and gag him. His clothes are cut off and his ass is given a good hard caning. A buttplug is forcefully inserted into his ass. Then this hetero boy […]

BreederFuckers – Vincent’s Home Is Invaded By The Pervy Men

Jason Lucius is a really hot, studly, guy has Tono Milos in his control in this bonus set from Tono is shackled and in just some revealing underwear. Jason is quick to take advantage, groping Tono’s crotch and kissing him. Working his way down Tono’s sexy body Jason licks […]

WilliamHiggins – Jason Lucius & Tono Milos RAW – BONUS ...