Word is getting around about the pervy Headmaster. All the lads nudge each other about Groper Swallows and his wandering hands. But since he holds all the power he has all the control. He and Mr Walker take it upon themselves to inspect Russian exchange student Dubrovski’s body for tattoos which are definitely against school […]

CMNM – Blue Balls – Part 2

Ray has been talked into stripping stark naked in the office and is trying out for a job. But really, Ashley is merely toying with him and with Nicole’s help they soon have him blackmailed and right where they want him.

CFNMTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend – Part 2

In a world where crime alarmingly grows, the government decides that one night a year, for 12 hours, any offense will be legal. A newly divorced couple unable to reach their home become the prey of 3 alpha scallies wanting to dominate.


Hey cock mongers, here’s a fat, delicious, uncut German cock for your viewing and mouth watering pleasure. International Porn Star Hans Berlin stopped over for a hot stroke session. As an added bonus to watching his hefty cock shoot a hot sticky load, you also get to see him fuck his own asshole with a […]

MaverickMenDirects – Thick German Cock Stroke

This hot looking guy in the basketball shorts with all the yummy foreskin is our newest model Bent. He’s a 21 one year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Texas. He said he’s straight but also told us he has messed around with guys and has been a top and done oral. […]

LatinBoyz – BENT

Muscular power-top Master Shane pulls around his naked sub and sneers at him with complete contempt. Threatening him with a belt, Shane orders the runt to cower on the floor below him and lick clean his football boots. When the sub resists, the top thrashes him harder and harder, sits on him and then has […]

BrutalTops – Master Shane – FAGGOT, GET DOWN ON YOUR ...

We know many of our fans have missed our hot Venezuelan mate Louis Ricaute and this week it’s time to have him again with us. Together with sexy top Alejandro Torres, he is in the terrace, enjoying a sunny hot day in Barcelona. The sun warms their toned eager bodies and soon our two mates […]

FuckerMate – Alejandro Torres and Louis Ricaute

I met this Latin construction worker that needed some fast cash, and was even willing to let little Manny suck his cock on camera for it. But Regulo is a straight daddy and didn’t want his face seen. I would have given him even more money to do the scene, […]

Manny And Rugulo

Eli Lewis has the place to him self and he is itching to get fucked and loaded. Rikk York just got home from partying all night and Eli's ass is perfect for the taking. After rough-fucking Eli senseless and drops two loads in his ass.

Load after Load

If Jessie Colter wants Josh West’s huge cock, he has to earn it. Josh ties him up in his playroom and rips his clothes off. Jessie endures the electricity on wooden pegs while his ass gets beaten with the flogger. Josh bounds Jessie on the metal horse with leather straps. […]

Bound Gods: Super Hunk Jessie Colter Meets Josh West

Cheeky British schoolboys deserve a spanking, and their professor is the one who’s lucky enough to give it to them! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Cheeky British schoolboys deserve a spanking, and their professor is the one who’s lucky enough to give it to them! Categories: Twink High […]

Spanking Stories 53

Super Hung Tops. Greedy Bottoms. Lots of Nut. Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Super Hung Tops. Greedy Bottoms. Lots of Nut. Categories: Anal High Definition Bareback Gay Big Dick Interracial Black Scene Number: 4 Orientation: Gay Studio Name: Raw Strokes

Raw Strokes: Raw Buddies

It’s one thing to be caught with a little bit of something you’re not supposed to have, but to be caught with a scale! That’s a whole different ballgame. It implies that not only are you a casual reprobate, but that you are most likely in a commercial enterprise. Luckily, we knew exactly what was […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Two Cunts Are Better Than One – Charlie ...

Tomas Decastro says “hello” to Arnold Veransk in a city park. You can hear sirens and traffic nearby. They go into the bushes and the fun starts. Arnold gets down on his knees and sucks Tomas’ thick uncut pole. Arnold lays down naked in the grass and Tomas gives him head. Arnold wants more of […]

CockSureMen – Tomas Decastro Barebacks Arnold Veransk

Vadim Black Bareback has plenty of hot stud action that will keep you cumming back for more! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Vadim Black Bareback has plenty of hot stud action that will keep you cumming back for more! Stars: Donny Forza Vadim Black Johnny Forza Categories: Anal […]

Vadim Black Bareback

Sean Xavier returns to Lucas Entertainment as an exclusive model to make his bareback debut. I’m sure you remember Sean Xavier. He’s the adorable black gay porn model with the killer body and the insane 11-inch cock hanging between his legs. That not an exaggeration — it literally hangs there, swaying back and forth. The […]

Lucas Entertainment – Sean Xavier Fucks Mark Edwin Bareback

This poor guy got injured at work. Normally he would get sickness benefits and perhaps some compensation from his employer. He should have been just fine. Except he worked “under the table”, unreported employment. So he got no benefits from the state and only thing he got from his employer was a boot in his […]

DebtDandy 156

Oliver Saxon is one of those boy next door gorgeous guys who has wanted to try porn and well – here he is. You’re going to love this guy and with the super gorgeous Kyle Steele this is a super hot pairing. The two start kissing on the bed – wrapped in each other in […]

JasonSparksLive – Oliver Saxon & Kyle Steele BAREBACK in Charlotte

Julie and Maggie are desperate to get closer to Mr Douglas. Julie in particular wants to know if reality lives up to her fantasies of him. In the silent school with no other teachers present, perhaps she’ll get her opportunity.

CFNMTV – Night at St Dunstan’s – Part 5

At CFNM.net, Tom’s backside throbs painfully from being penetrated – first by Kelly’s fingers, then by a giant glass dildo. But the girls are determined to heap further indignities upon the rugby player. And now the teacher has played right into their hands by suggesting that they should cause him to ejaculate!

CFNM – Rugby Player Tom Jerks Off

When we told Jason he’d be having his first experience with Quentin Gainz, Jason didn’t put up any hesitation. Of course Quentin is always ready to go, being the laid-back, cool guy he is. Claude gives them the go ahead and the clothing comes off pretty quickly. Jason leans over and plants his lips around […]

ActiveDuty – Quentin Gainz & Jason

Fiery pubes and fiery passion these hot and hung red heads sure know how to fuck and get fucked! From their sexy pink ass holes, perfect pale complexions and large dicks, everyone loves a fit ginger so we scoured the UK for the hottest and the results are red fucking […]

Red Hot Fuckers

Yo guys! So you all have been begging for Kaden! Well your in luck here he is! So when I lost everything I started searching for stuff in cloud storage. And to my surprise there was sooo much that I thought I lost right there in it. Kaden, Matt ect. My face is nearly back […]

HarlemHookUps – Kaden & His Big Raw Dick

So we all have those days that we just want to see how many dicks we can suck before we drown in cum…….Well at least I do lol. This day started out in a abandoned building that was being worked on. We were right next to this huge lift but could quite be seen and […]

HarlemHookUps – Throat Training

The twins decided to move out, and they asked me if I would give them a ride to a friend’s house. I dropped them off but couldn’t resist getting one last taste of both of those brothers’ asses. They both suck me off, taking turns with my dick. I order them up onto the bed. […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Bareback Brother Banging – Graff Twins

The pervy Headmaster can’t help himself eyeing up the boys under his command. All those muscular young bodies in tight school uniforms or P.E. outfits. Cum-stained pants and dirty jockstraps. Hidden erections straining under their pants during class while they fantasize about their girlfriends. The air of St Dunstan’s is heavy with the scent of […]

CMNM – Blue Balls – Part 1

For the students in Mr Douglas’s class, it looks set to be another boring day at St Dunstan’s. As she sits there, Julie finds her mind wandering. She thinks the teacher is a total hunk! It’s such a shame he wears so many clothes though. She wonders just what he looks like underneath them all…

CFNMTV – Night at St Dunstan’s – Part 4

Arse whore peter is out cruising for cock in a sleazy pickup joint when two handsome lads catch his eye. Being a greedy cunt he tries to bag them both by suggesting a threesome… Little does he know but these two Masters are also on the prowl, luring easy prey like this pitiful fuck that’ll […]

BrutalTops – Master Joel & Master Lukas – TURNED OVER ...

Here we have Ivan James and Ryan Jordan, two solid recruits that have each proven themselves two loyal and strong members of the squadron. If you’re having Deja vu right now, it’s because these two HAVE hooked up before! That’s right, we had the lucky pleasure of watching Ryan fuck Ivan a while back. Being […]

ActiveDuty – Ivan James & Ryan Jordan

Aron contacted us recently letting us know about a guy he met in Texas that loves to fuck and always shoots a big load. His friend’s name is Adrien and this light skin papi from Florida has a very thick cock and as you can he really does shoot a big load!

LatinBoyz – Aron & Adrien

This boy was a regular whore. But he was far from easy to convince because he knew how to haggle. He took so much convincing before he stopped playing hard to get. Eventually he walked away with every single crown I had. He should worked as a salesman and not as a construction worker. All […]

CzechHunter 264

Here’s a brand new recruit that you’re gonna absolutely fall in love with. He’s Anthony Banks and he’s just the type of guy we’ve been hungry for! At 6’3′, 205 pounds, he’s a big, nicely chiseled breath of fresh air.Once the shorts come off, we find out that Anthony is indeed VERY well endowed! He […]

ActiveDuty – Anthony Banks

After editing this video, “WOW” is all I can say! Without hesitation, Jason is one of the hottest bottom boys we’ve ever railed the fuck out of, lol. He’s so fun and nice and super skilled for a 20 year old. Jason can take dick like no other. We railed this guy for so long […]


This dude was passed the fuck out with a load up his ass. I guess he got fucked after getting all liquored up. We woke him up with our big fat cocks in his straight hole. He took all our dicks pretty well.

FraternityX – LOADED HOLE