A frequent visitor to Twinks in Shorts is hunky masseuse Trent Tarzan. This long-haired beauty is built like a brick shithouse. He might look intimidating but don’t let his looks fool you. He’s a big softie where it counts, in his heart. And always hard where you want it most. […]

TwinksinShorts – Trent Tarzan

Nick Gill might not be a full-fledged twink but he’s grown to be quite the hunk. We’ve always had a soft spot for Nick. Sweet, loyal, a bit on the shy side but always willing to bend over backwards for those he likes. Especially if there’s sex involved! This hung […]

TwinksinShorts – Nick Gill

The only thing more thrilling and exciting than finding an innocent looking twink with a whorish streak in the bedroom is finding an innocent looking twink with a really big cock AND a whorish streak in the bedroom! With Billy Webster, that’s exactly what you get. But you wouldn’t think […]

TwinksinShorts – Billy Webster

Ross Mitchell is a slender, waif-like twink. He’s quiet as a mouse and shy. Almost painfully so. BUTT…and there’s always a big butt, the soft-spoken, pierced blond is endearing, warm, and when he gets to know you, a devoted and loyal slut puppy for you to position any way you […]

TwinksinShorts – Ross Mitchell