Tim is testing a new ride today. We’re welcoming newcomer and Timtales Exclusive Carlo Fiero. Originally from Barcelona, Carlo got this rough look but truly is a sweetheart. With such beautiful face on this beefy body, you just wanna cuddle him (or fuck him for hours). Strong arms, big legs, bigger ass… Carlo took Tim’s […]

TimTales – Tim and Carlo Fiero

Temperatures are rising here in Barcelona. Especially on that warm sunset in our living room. Timtales exclusive Rodolfo met with his ideal hunk, Dolf Dietrich. Despite the language barrier, they both understood the international language of primal bareback fucking. Rodolfo was so excited. His thick latino cock impaled the hole of this surprisingly submissive and […]

TimTales – Rodolfo fucks Dolf Dietrich

Tim was the lucky one testing for the first time this pearl from Russia; a true muscular and bottomless Russian hunk. Denis Sokolov is crazy sexy. A nice guy with a perfect body, that can take dicks for hours. I was totally mesmerised at the sigh of his gaping hole. Pure beauty. You’ll certainly see […]

TimTales – Tim and Denis Sokolov

Antonio Miracle had the chance to ride a new stallion at Timtales. Nico is this horny introverted guy. The quiet kind that gets ruthless in bed and fucks you till dawn. An insatiable bottom teamed up with a hole-stretching bare top. We also successfully broke the bed during production… check out our backstage section 😉

TimTales – Nico and Antonio Miracle

Hugh Hunter got the ride of his life with these two young loaded stallions. Koldo and Timtales’ exclusive Fostter Riviera couldn’t be more excited to team up and test this bottomless hunk with their thick raw meat. After the shoot, I asked Hugh who was the best fucker between the two. He told me that […]

TimTales – 2 cocks for Hugh Hunter

Sunny Colucci brought with him the first day of summer here in Barcelona. And for Tim, that meant a never ending day of fucking! They started inside but soon moved to the terrace. Warm winds, hard sun and multiple climaxes. I’m sure Sunny didn’t expect that endless rampage. He took Tim’s bull cock like a […]

TimTales – Tim and Sunny Colucci

A torrid ride between pain and pleasure! Caio is back at Timtales to give Angel the fuck of his life. That massive brazilian cock can dig his way to China. Watch Angel’s face when the rough Caio ravages his hole without mercy. A ruthless top with a horse cock hard as a brick. Enjoy!

TimTales – Caio Veyron Fucks Angel

Newcomer Richard Vallence from Brazil was in our house and that beautiful young man presented us with the most sensual and intimate Love and Sex Scene that we have seen in a long time. Rich had goosebumps all the time when Tim fucked him. When Tim keeps Richard´s hands from touching his cock while he […]

TimTales – Tim and Richard Vallence

Finding Bottoms for Eduardo´s superhuman Cock is not easy but we knew we could trust in good old Antonio Miracle. So Eduardo did not waste much time with sucking, he went right to the point where the real fun is, Antonio´s Ass. The young Brazilian went quite hard on Antonio, a real Powerfuck. For Fans […]

TimTales – Eduardo Picasso strikes again

Monstercock Superstars Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron are taking turns on Bogdan Gromov’s asshole. Bogdan asked for it (literally, in a Whatsapp message) and we gave him the total package: Both guys fucked his ass hard, Tim held him tight white Caio jackhammered him…and you just have to become a Member to see the full […]

TimTales – Tim and Caio fuck Bogdan

Fostter Riviera is back and he did such a great job that we decided to make him a Timtales Exclusive. In his scene with Ricky Ibanez he came twice and kept on fucking hard with no pause until his cum was some kind of foam that lubed Ricky´s bareback fuckhole. We´re having a really juicy […]

TimTales – Fostter Riviera Barebacks Ricky

It´s Timtales Thursday again and today we offer 2 for 1. Two bareback Tops with huge Cocks, Rodolfo and Koldo, giving their special Attention to willing Bottom Antonio Miracle. Who would not love to get that kind of special Attention? Just imagine it´s you who gets these Cocks…

TimTales – 2 for 1 – Rodolfo, Koldo & Antonio

Bear strong Letterio Amadeu was in town and of course we could not resist to meet the hunk and shoot some action with him and Tim. Tim gave the big man a good strong assfuck and in the end Letterio enjoyed a big cum load right in his mouth.

TimTales – Tim fucks Letterio

If you know our older Videos you already know italian Bottom Man Riccardo di Salvo. He shot two hot Videos for us 5 years ago. Now he is more mature and his hole is even more experienced than at that time. Good for him because we had Esteban for him, ready to fuck with his […]

TimTales – Esteban and Riccardo

Our young brazilian Dominator Caio shows more and more his true nature of a brutal Top. In this scene it´s getting wet, because Caio really literally fucks the piss out of the big man Louis Ricaute with his incredible sledgehammer. Louis is a real man and took the aggressive pounding till the end and finally […]

TimTales – Caio and Louis

Max Toro is an all man, masculine type of guy. He is strong by nature and works out a lot on top. A real hunk. Nevertheless he loves to submit his muscleass to big strong cock once in a while. And that´s what happened on that afternoon. Tim gave it to him hard on the […]

TimTales – Tim and Max Toro

Sex under the christmas tree in this new episode of Timtales delights. We invited Donato Reyes over from Madrid to get a taste of Tim’s cock. He did not hesitate, took a train and spent a hot and sensual afternoon with us, which i recorded for your pleasure. Enjoy!

TimTales – Tim & Donato Reyes

Cuban Hardcore Action on Timtales today. Latin Hunk Cubano who is famous for his extra long hard Cock shows that he is actually a very sensual fucker who tries (with success) to give his partner the ultimate pleasure. Juan Lopez also comes from Cuba and besides being fucking hot he is also a really sweet […]

TimTales – Cubano and Juan Lopez

We had seen Hugo Arenas a few times a Top and he was quite impressive. We were even more impressed when we noticed that he is also a very hot and insatiable Bottom. Tim took advantage of this and gave Hugo a real nice Assfuck. Enjoy

TimTales – Tim and Hugo Arenas

“Tree Trunk” Esteban is back with one of his best scenes ever. He impales Gaston with his gigantic cock and fucks him like a Sex Machine. Gaston is a perfect Bottom and he knows how to take even the biggest of the biggest. We had this scene once on a DVD. Now it´s available for […]

TimTales – Esteban and Gaston

Our new Top Rodolfo shows us the power of his beatiful huge cock in his first hardcore scene. He was rock hard throughout the entire time and he even came twice…the first one got right up Mario´s guts but you will still be able to see it. Mario came through the door and surprised us […]

TimTales – Rodolfo fucks Mario Domenech

Fostter Riviera has beautiful feet. I (Grobes) had noticed that and asked him to do a little wanking in front of the camera so that i could display those perfect feet. I´m a real footlover. Fostter was actually also playing with my feet a bit, which i enjoyed a lot. In the end i received […]

TimTales – Fostter Riviera Solo

Dalton Sirius is definitely a new Timtales Superhero. He is a dominant Fucker but at the same time a really sweet guy. In his debut on our Site this tall Muscle Hunk rams into Antonio Miracle like a tank but always finds a moment for a tender kiss. Who wouldn´t want be be under this […]

TimTales – Dalton Sirius and Antonio Miracle

Dominator Dalton Sirius is back and takes complete control over Mario Domenech in this rough bareback scene. Dalton is a tough guy and very dominant but has a sweet side as well. Exactly what Mario needs. He submitted himself 100% to the tall Hunk. Enjoy the action.

TimTales – Dalton Fucks Mario

Eduardo Picasso is back, letting us enjoy his unbelievable Cock in action. Muscleboy Ian Torres offered his ass and got his hole stretched real good. ‘The biggest Cock he ever had’ is what he told us afterwards. Well, it´s also the biggest Cock we ever had on Timtales…and we are Specialists for that… Check it […]

TimTales – Eduardo fucks Ian Torres

New Timtales Man Emir Bosatto is not new to getting filmed. He has already starred in a Big Brother Show in Argentina. But his sensational Timtales Debut in a Scene with Tim speaks for itself. A confident super hot Muscle Man who knows how to take big Cock and likes to show off his goods. [...]

TimTales – Tim and Emir Boscatto

Timtales Exclusive Rodolfo hits our home gym to work out Ricky Ibanez’ willing hole. Ricky enjoys Rodolfo´s thick hard cock with his mouth and then submits his butt to the the Top Man and receives a good bareback Assfuck.

TimTales – Rodolfo Fucks Ricky

Caio Veyron is one of our strongest Fuckers and of course we really wanted to pair him with our new most wanted Bottom Bogdan Gromov. When Bogdan came into the room on that day Caio was in Love right away. And when Caio fucked Bogdan real deep you can see the smile on Bogdan´s face. […]

TimTales – Caio fucks Bogdan

New Timtales Man Alert! Matt Kennedy is a very young man from France who wanted to try out Tim´s huge Cock. And look at him…He is so fucking handsome, we could not say no. Tim and Matt heated up the Hotel Suite real good and the footage is great. So, please enjoy the Movie now. […]

TimTales – Tim and Matt Kennedy

I (Grobes) only made a few snaphots when we made the shoots with Eduardo but i think they are so nice that i want to share them with our Members in this litte Gallery of our new Star Eduardo Picasso.

TimTales – Eduardo Picasso

The Master of Ass Destruction Caio Veyron is back and he takes on Muscle Hunk Mario from Spain. We can´t imagine anyone else than experienced Bottom Mario Domenech to take such a hard ass pounding. There was really a lot of hard Fuck Action on. Young Caio looks so sweet but he is a brutal […]

TimTales – Caio Veyron fucks Mario Domenech

Today we see the Timtales Premiere of Bogdan Gromov, our new Bottom Sweetheart from Eastern Europe. That cute face, that perfect smooth skin, delicious. Tim was the first to enjoy this handsome young man, Caio came later. Both fell in Love 😉 Bogdan was nervous at first when he entered our house, but as soon […]

TimTales – Tim and Bogdan Gromov

A new Man from Spain with a huge Cock is debuing today on Timtales. 23 year old Koldo is always horny and he likes to fuck. We needed an experienced Bottom for the receiving end and asked David Avila who is back in Porn after a longer break to take the part and he gladly […]

TimTales – Koldo and David Avila

You all know from his first video that Vasily has no problem taking big Cock. This time we wanted to see if he can take the really really big ones too without any problem and had Esteban fuck his Musclebutt. How he did you can see in the video. Enjoy it.

TimTales – Esteban fucks Vasily Mevas

Jaguar is back and stuffing his huge Pole into Max Toro´s firm Muscle Ass. First Max tries to swallow as much of Jaguar´s Cock as he can, then he submits his butt to the young masked Raw Fucker. Condom free and juicy. Cum on in.

TimTales – Jaguar and Max Toro

It´s Christmas and we have a hot Threesome for you. Tim and Caio use their huge Cocks on Ian Torres. Ian proves once more that he is an enduring power bottom and takes the pounding of both big men. After opening his little ass, Tim and Caio give Ian a Double Penetration. You have to […]

TimTales – Christmas Threesome

Esteban has the fattest Cock in Porn. And since he likes to jackhammer that massive beast into his partners’ asses relentlessly we always need to find bottoms who can handle it. Not easy as you might imagine. We got lucky with Mario Domenech from Spain. He was able to joyfully take all of Esteban’s XXXL […]

TimTales – Esteban Fucks Mario Domenech

You all remember Troy, that hot black musclefucker we had on Timtales a few months ago. Now he was in town again and we paired him with our french uber-bottom Kriss. It is truly a feast watching the two during their sweaty fuckaction. (And even if i know Troy is absolute top only i’m so […]

TimTales – Troy fucks Kriss