Jake is a handsome, sexually ravenous and extremely sexually open-minded young guy. He has the biggest set of balls we’ve ever seen and it’s impressive watching them jangle as he jerks off on camera for the first time. Having just got out of a relationship with a woman he’s free […]

TheCastingRoom – Jake

Lots of young men see competition and reality shows wanting to become a star themselves. Sexually voracious men wish there was a Porn Idol to test out for because they think they are the hottest fucking thing in the world and want everyone to know it. Part of the pleasure […]

TheCastingRoom – Logan

At, Sebastian is a burly muscular straight dude who is all about getting pleasure. He loves getting blow jobs so much he doesn’t mind if it’s a man or a woman doing it. It strikes him as a clever idea to become a porn star because he thinks he’ll […]

TheCastingRoom – Sebastian

When we first posted about real footballer Fergus’ fully naked examination and jerk off video, it caused a massive scandal! Strapping Fergus grew up in a rural area where sexual adventures were limited. Now that he’s living in the big city he wants to try it all and fully utilize […]

TheCastingRoom – Fergus