Kieron is a pervy exhibitionist into almost everything who has always dreamed of appearing in a full porn film. Typically men are nervous and resentful of the audition process. However, with Kieron he gets totally excited and turned on showing himself off for a stranger and being filmed without knowing […]

TheCastingRoom – Kieron

It’s a stereotypical porn fantasy that a sexy plumber will walk through the door and strip down naked. At The Casting Room it actually happens with hetero Anthony looking to make some extra cash when he’s not fixing pipes or playing football on the weekend. He’s got a sporty body […]

TheCastingRoom – Anthony

New at TheCastingRoom, hetero boy Victor has the doe-eyed fresh look of a young soldier ready to face his first battle as he strips naked and presents himself for the very first time while being filmed. He’s sexually vigorous and strong, but this is a nerve-wracking experience unlike any he’s […]

TheCastingRoom – Victor

Deacon has a sweet face, but the second he opens his mouth you realize what a cocky fucker and filthy slut this boy is. This makes us instantly fall for him! He radiates confidence and proudly lists off the huge amount of experience he’s had in private, public and being […]

TheCastingRoom – Deacon

Stefon is a good-looking quiet and sensitive straight guy. He likes having nice romantic sex with nice ladies. The difficulty is that The Casting Room doesn’t have any roses or candlelit sets. Only nasty men that want to get down and dirty with some raunchy fucking using hot straight boys […]

TheCastingRoom – Stefon

At TheCastingRoom, Ashley is a curious young guy with a naughty sexual imagination. He’s experimented in sex parties and now he wants to take it to the next level discovering new experiences making a porn film. Despite his dirty mind he has a really innocent face and a smooth boyish […]

TheCastingRoom – Ashley

New at TheCastingRoom, Barry is a hetero dude who lives a rock and roll lifestyle. He fucks and parties as much as possible when he’s not working. He’s the type of guy we always desire and might nervously make a pass at. His friendly but firm reply would always be, […]

TheCastingRoom – Barry

Mirel recently arrived in the country and he’s always wanted to get into porn work so comes for an audition at TheCastingRoom. This is his big opportunity. With his nerves racing he acts shy and quiet. He’s had a lot of personal experience having sex with mostly men but he […]

TheCastingRoom – Mirel