Blake was excited to get under the beefy muscleman Arnie. “I always look up their pictures beforehand…and he’s even more than I expected, actually!” When asked about Blake’s ass, Arnie didn’t hesitate, “Booty for days.” It’s no secret that Blake has a great ass, so naturally, Arnie took full advantage […]

SeanCody – Arnie & Blake Bareback

“Juicy, strong, durable.” Those are the words Israel used to describe his cock, and we were intrigued! Israel is a personal trainer, and it definitely shows! That muscular body, big dick and bubble butt of his all come together in perfect harmony, and no one is complaining about it!

SeanCody – Israel

A nice body and a big dick? Check and check! Derick seems to check off all the boxes. Not only that, but he’s an all-around nice guy, and a giver too! “I’m a very big pleaser and so when I have sex, I really put the focus on my partner…what […]

SeanCody – Derick

Smith is that hot, all-American jock that everybody wants to get to know…in more ways than one! Keeping that in mind, he also has a humble side to him that makes him ever more attractive than he already is. His “assets” are a major plus, too…especially that ass! “The butt […]

SeanCody – Smith

Montana is a buff guy, and clearly works hard for that body of his. Although he has this great physique, we realized that he’s very modest, “You don’t even know that you’re hot, do you?” He quietly replied, “No, not really.” Along with his muscular build, his calm demeanor definitely […]

SeanCody – Montana

Sexy newbie Rafael hails from Switzerland, and he is one big guy! The height, muscles and big, uncut dick are only the surface stuff…as impressive as those are, he also has this rough, rugged side that he’s not afraid to show.

SeanCody – Rafael