Those irritated with our selection of the name “Pip” for Mr. Caulfield may be soothed by understanding our reasoning. The name is derived, of course, from Dickens ‘Great Expectations’. Great Expectations is exactly what Pip had when arriving at BA. The wide-eyed eager naivete of that character approximates what Pip […]

FreshMen – Pip Caulfield

I know the deep abiding hatred you all have for athletic blonds, but unfortunately, we can’t shoot only with boys like Damien and Andre I also hesitated in releasing this interview as his solo goes out in September, but my curiosity on your opinion of him got the better of […]

FreshMen – Nils Tatum

It is time for your first look at Pip Caulfield. Kevin’s reaction was thus: It may be another Kevin Warhol as he seems to be a lot like me. That is an overstatement as Kevin is certainly unique. However, they both possess the same levels of sexuality, good humour, and […]

FreshMen – Pip Caulfield