Private Investigator Jimmy needs a new assistant detective to infiltrate the suspicious people he’s targeting. Earnest young Russell enters Jimmy’s office prepared to say and do whatever it takes to secure the job of assistant. Engaging in a bit of role playing sounds like the perfect test for him, but […]

CMNM – Russell

At hot swimmer Martin comes strutting into the locker room with his body glistening wet from the pool wearing only his speedos and smelling of that sexy chlorine pool smell. He’s the type of handsome young straight guy who confidently walks around the locker room naked driving other men […]

CMNM – Martin

Schoolboy Alfie has been getting himself into trouble. As the son of a wealthy and powerful man it could cause a lot of problems if incriminating photos private investigator Russell snapped of him naked are made public. Summoned into the sleazy confines of the detective’s office Alfie is now at […]

CMNM – Alfie