At, Liam thought he was having a bad time before Ms Robenshaw went. But now the teacher has departed and left the school bully Nicole in charge – things are far, far worse for the helpless schoolboy. With Ashley as her willing accomplice she wastes no time in getting him on up a desk […]

CFNM – Liam Gets His Hole Probed

At, bent over the teacher’s knee with his arse in the air and being spanked, Liam is regretting having tried to pass a note to Ashley. The girl herself is doing a very good impression of being upset by his proposal – whilst secretly enjoying the attention and the opportunity to toy with Liam. […]

CFNM – Liam Spanked

At, with pressure from both Kate Stone and his manager, Lloyd McAndrews has no choice but to remove all his clothes – along with the length of toilet paper he was using to ‘enhance’ his packet. His confidence deserts him as he stands there awkwardly between the women, feeling vulnerable. But Kate is pleased […]

CFNM – Lloyd McAndrews Gets Naked

At, Kate Stone has used her influence over svengali Simon Cavill to get pop star Lloyd McAndrews in for a photo shoot. The inexperienced young lad has no idea what’s in store for him as he stands there dumbly. To begin with it all seemed harmless enough – but now Kate is ramping up […]

CFNM – Pop Star Lloyd McAndrews Photo Shoot

At, Ms Robenshaw wants to show Ashley and Nicole that boys’ penises aren’t to be feared. Unaware that the girls are far from innocent, she is allowing them to freely play with his genitals. Liam’s penis meanwhile is responding to their caresses – and starts leaking pre-cum almost immediately. The horrified schoolboy must stand […]

CFNM – Liam

At, the success of CFNM4Girls is down to one woman – self styled “editrix” Kate Stone. The tough and determined businesswoman knows just what her readers want – and how to give it to them. She uses her influence and power to get male celebrities to agree to appear naked in her magazine. She […]

CFNM – CFNM4Girls – Hot Lad Gets Naked For The ...

At, Tom’s backside throbs painfully from being penetrated – first by Kelly’s fingers, then by a giant glass dildo. But the girls are determined to heap further indignities upon the rugby player. And now the teacher has played right into their hands by suggesting that they should cause him to ejaculate!

CFNM – Rugby Player Tom Jerks Off

At, the girls have managed to convince Miss West that their interest in Tom is purely academic. Yet deep down they are relishing the chance to humiliate and play with the rugby hunk. They enjoy watching him squirm and yelp as they think of ever more extreme ways to take advantage of him. But […]

CFNM – Tom’s Ass Penetrated With A Dildo!

At, Hassan still doesn’t quite know how he got himself into this mess. But he’s all too well aware that he’s totally under the women’s control. If that wasn’t bad enough, it now seems like the photos and videos they’ve been taking of his naked, helpless body, aren’t just for personal use…

CFNM – Hassan Dominated By The Ladies

At, Tom is doing his best to be brave and hide the embarrassment he feels at being nude around the giggling girls and teacher. But it’s not easy and when his cries of pain get on her nerves, Miss West decides some form of extra punishment is in order. Beth has just collected some […]

CFNM – Tom

At, Hassan has stupidly allowed himself to be caught in a compromising position with Nicole. And he’s made matters even worse by grabbing her and demanding she explain that it was all her idea. The photos of their struggle are just what the women need to blackmail him. Now they can do whatever they […]

CFNM – Hassan

At, Tom isn’t the brightest of students. Big and strong he’s perfect for the rugby pitch but is entirely lacking when it comes to dealing with the likes of Kelly, Libby and Beth. Having been stripped totally naked he starts to sweat as Miss West encourages the girls to manhandle his privates as they […]

CFNM – Muscle Lad Tom

At, instead of receiving his benefits payout, Ray is instead receiving a severe spanking from the women at the Jobs and Welfare Centre. Every blow from the wooden paddle hurts that little bit more. His backside glows an angry red – matched by the rage he feels inside. But these women are far cleverer […]

CFNM – Muscle Lad Ray Jerks Off

At, Yuris only has himself to blame for his current predicament. But that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the women’s demands and the contemptuous way they treat him. Inside he’s furious – but he must hide it and follow their instructions – something that he’s finding increasingly hard to do.

CFNM – Yuris Gets His Hairy Body Groped

At, Ray has finally realised that he has been set up. The women have photographic evidence that could send him to prison! So now me must do whatever they demand of him if he wants to keep out of jail – no matter how embarrassing or demeaning. Jessica and Nicole cannot believe how easy […]

CFNM – Ray Gets His Ass Spanked

At, it seems Yuris’ past has caught up with him. Not only has he been arrested twice for assault and charged with kerb crawling, his paperwork isn’t up-to-date. With Sophie’s finger on the button, ready to make the call that will get him sent back home, it’s a very tense time in the cramped […]

CFNM – Yuris

At, Jessica has made it quite clear if Ray doesn’t prove he’s actively seeking employment, he won’t get his benefits. Having got him over a barrel, she strings him along with the promise of a potential job. With Ray now bound and naked there’s nothing he can do to stop her from exploiting his […]

CFNM – Job Seeker Ray

Hot playboy Simon has got himself in a sticky situation. Stark naked and under pressure from a group of strong-willed party girls, the man is ordered to jerk his fat cock and spill his semen. We’d be happy to have this hairy young stud installed in our bathroom any day! See Simon prove what a […]

CFNM – Out of Order – Simon Gets His Hole ...

At, Nick would rather be anywhere else than in the school hall in front of all the cameras. Fear of what the headmistress would do if he showed the school up has kept him in place. But the consequences of not checking what Embarrassing Boys was all about will haunt him forever. For Janet […]

CFNM – Nick

At, Ray is used to getting his way with women. But Nicole and Ashley are immune to his charms. They are used to dealing with men like him and can see right through him. When Nicole offers to assist him with his claim, he has no idea that she and Ashley are already planning […]

CFNM – Ray

Nick is in a difficult position. Having agreed to appear on the show, and with all the cameras focused on him, running away would make him look like a coward. On the other hand, the physical discomfort the woman and schoolgirls are putting him through is getting to be unbearable. And with the arrival of […]

CFNM – Nick Gets A Spanking & Fingered!

At, naked, on his hands and knees and with a group of women clustered around his arse, bodybuilder Enrico is experiencing a pain like none he’s ever known. As Sandra rams her fingers in and out of his rectum it feels like he is being split in two! He had no idea women could […]

CFNM – Enrico Fingered & Milked

At, Sandra, Linda and Edina aren’t in the least bit scared of Enrico. They know that they have him over a barrel and there’s nothing he can do about it. His strength and bluster cannot get him out of the situation he’s got himself in. They’ve offered him a way out – to repay […]

CFNM – Bodybuilder Enrico Stripped & Fingered

At, it’s a terrible shock to Nick when he finally realises just what he’s agreed to. The presenter – Gillian Small – has already made it clear that she has the headmistresses full blessing. If he refuses to go along with it he’ll be punished, most likely losing his coveted position as rugby captain. […]

CFNM – Rugby Lad Nick Gets A Spanking

It’s all so confusing for nerdy Mark at The presenter and schoolgirls have taken complete charge of him and there’s nothing he can do to stop them. Now he’s suffering the pain of having his anus penetrated for the very first time. Yet Brenda’s caressing of his penis has caused him to grow a […]

CFNM – Nerdy Mark Wanked Off

At, a naked Tarquin stands quivering and surrounded by the women at the bank. Completely overwhelmed his confidence has left him. He wishes they would all just leave him alone – but they seem obsessed with toying with his genitals. The agonising minutes seem to drag by as the women discuss his privates in […]

CFNM – Tarquin Gets His Hole Probed

At, Tarquin has been silenced. The shock at having to take his clothes off and expose his genitals to the stern woman is terrifying – but Mrs Barcliff is insistent that he prove he hasn’t been masturbating. And if that wasn’t bad enough now his aunty, Mrs Winstanley, has been invited in to assist!

CFNM – Tarquin Naked In The Office

At, Mark’s naivety has landed him in an excruciatingly uncomfortable position. He stands in the glare of spotlights staring down the lenses of the cameras with just his underpants covering his modesty. The presenter appears oblivious to his obvious discomfort. But his classmate Brenda is only too aware and is loving every second as […]

CFNM – Mark Gets Stripped by The Girls

At, despite her reservations over Tarquin’s chequered past, Rita Barcliff has agreed to meet him and see if he genuinely has learnt the error of his ways. He naively assumes that the job is automatically his but little does he realise that he’s going to have to prove himself first. And the smile is […]

CFNM – Tarquin Gets His Cock Inspected

At, Paulo is used to wrapping women around his little finger. All it normally takes is a few compliments and some cheap flowers. But Betty and Farrah aren’t at all impressed by his act, and now they’ve convinced their boss he’s a lowlife crook. Mrs Barcliff is not a woman to be crossed and […]

CFNM – Paulo Fingered & Jerked Off

At, Lionel is unaware of the women’s plan – but he certainly understands the difficult position he’s in. Much as he’d like to tell the women to fuck off, he knows that they have the power to get him dismissed from his job. So he must put up with bending over to have his […]

CFNM – Lionel Fingered & Wanked Off

At, Rita Barcliff has had a huge shock. Convinced that Paulo is in love with her she’s just been shopping to buy him some nice things to wear on their holiday together. Now she’s walked in on quite a scene – her two female co-workers and a stark naked Paulo! Betty and Farrah are […]

CFNM – Hairy Paulo Gets His Hole Fingered

At, Lionel is a worker who tries to sneak a pervy look at his colleagues. They get him back by stripping him totally naked in the middle of the office! Lucinda and Siobhan have swiftly got him in a compromising position – now they have all the power they need to change him and […]

CFNM – Lionel Stripped Out Of His Work Gear

At, it didn’t take much persuasion to get Paulo to come into the office. The promise of some sexy fun with two pretty women was more than enough. Having no morals he was quite happy to cheat on his “beloved” in her very own office with her female colleagues. But the two women trick […]

CFNM – Paulo Stripped In The Office

At, David had been humbled by the two strong women who have him captive in the studio. He’s too terrified of them to put up any more resistance and sits on the floor a stark naked and humbled. But the women haven’t finished with him yet. They demand he wank and spill his seed […]

CFNM – David Ordered To Wank

At, the two naked men are in fear of the imperious, fully-clothed women that are clearly in charge. Jack knows he has no choice but to obey if he wants to stand even a chance of keeping his job. The delivery boy thought it was all a bit of kinky fun to begin with […]

CFNM – The Pizza Lad Gets His Hole Rammed With ...

At, it’s been a harrowing evening for both Jack Cheshire and the dumb pizza delivery boy. Karen and Siobhan are reveling in the power they have over the two naked men. Having stripped them off, humiliated them and compared them to each other they have now demanded even more. They want to see them […]

CFNM – Jack & The Pizza Boy Wank For The ...

In ‘Chauvinist Pygmalian’ at Lucinda and Siobhan are still in shock from what they’ve just overheard. Leering at them is one thing, but taking photographs to share with their mates is another thing entirely. The men cannot be allowed to get away with it or they’ll never learn – and no woman will be […]

CFNM – Muscle Man David Stripped

At, David’s dismissive attitude to women has been replaced with one of fear. Being totally helpless like this is terrifying: He can do nothing to prevent the women from groping his genitals and spanking his bare backside. It’s not just the pain that burns deep within him but also the sense of total humiliation. […]

CFNM – David Gets Spanked