We received a call from a former model saying he had a friend that wanted to do a show for us. We typically have new local boys with no experience filming but when we ogled Wade’s pictures, we couldn’t wait for him to pay us a visit. His pictures truly […]

BullDogPit – Wade

If you live in the South you know it’s all about college football. Not only is the football great but the boys are always amazing. It’s sometimes hard time concentrating on the game with all the college studs running around! Ashton Rush is a 19-year-old with a small frame and […]

BullDogPit – Ashton Rush

Say hello to Grayson, a country boy with a shaved head. Grayson was eager to make some money so he accepted our invitation to peel off his clothes and stroke his cock for us. And he didn’t waste time getting down to business as he pulled out his fat tool! […]

BullDogPit – Grayson

Jacob S is a 20 year old with a very fat 7-inch cock. He was a bit nervous to start but he warmed up nicely. I bet the girls back in his hometown just love that thick cock pumping in and out of them! Jacob stood up while stroking his […]

BullDogPit – Jacob S

Tall and slender Jordan R is a treat to watch as he strips down, gets hard and jerks off. The brooding young man is sensual and inviting as he spreads his hairy legs, probably wishing YOU were there to suck him off instead of having to resort to masturbating! As […]

BullDogPit – Jordan R