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23 year old Bailey Baxter is traveling, he’s stuck in his hotel room with nowhere to go and he’s completely bored. But he’s horny, and he knows at least one thing he can do for fun. He stands before us caressing his body thru his clothes before slowly raising his […]

Simon Kohler made his way into the studios with one thing in mind. He wanted to get in front of the camera and show off his hot, sexy body. Simon’s clothes seemed to come off a little too quickly; but, the hard-on he is packing proves that he’s ready to […]

Hunky Asher Devin makes a return solo appearance with Badpuppy; showing off his hot, well-built body; and, let’s not forget the package this dude has between his legs. As he pulls off his underwear Asher’s monster comes to life; springing straight to attention. Asher grabs his thick cock, sits down […]