The plan was to test a new skateboard painting. After a while his thoughts turned sexually and he got hot under his painters outfit. So he had to jerk off right there on the workbench to please his urge…

AlexBoys – Roland

Nino’s thing is Skateboarding. He knows everything about it and feels all into it. Very different to this photo shooting. That was all new to him. You can see his curious look while doing this the first time. After the “shooting” you can see the relieve in his face. He’ll […]

AlexBoys – Nino

We met at a local fun fair, where he was the host for a big trampoline. While the boys were jumping up and down we had a chat with him about our foto studio. He was quite interested and talked about friends who might be interested as well. That was […]

AlexBoys – Ari

We met Rex at a mountain lodge where he helped out serving the guests. The longer we watched him working the more we liked him. So with every order we had a little chat with him and it went further and further until we had a date with him.

AlexBoys – Rex

It’s bedtime for Kurt. Unfortunately he is all alone in his bed while he dreams about sharing it. With someone to give his love to. He dreams about someone experienced, because he wants to learn a lot about bedtime actions other than just sleeping 😉 He sings a song for […]

AlexBoys – Kurt 3

Jason started playing football at the age of five. His father took him to his football club and soon Jason wanted to become as good as his father. Today he is one of the best players in his team and he would love to become a professional. At the age […]

AlexBoys – Jason

Alex met Oscar at his camping trip this summer. They had their tents side by side and got in contact very soon! They spent a few very funny days together. This is when the first pictures of Oscar were made. Unfortunately he had to leave earlier then Alex but they […]

AlexBoys – Oscar