CollegeDudes – Todd Hayne & Valentino Nappy

Todd Hayne and Valentino Nappy spend some time getting closer as they make out, placing kisses all over each other and getting a taste of each other’s lips before Valentino gets on his knees to give Todd a different kind of pleasure with his mouth. Wrapping his lips around Todd’s shaft, Valentino sucks that sweet cock as Todd pushes the back of Valentino’s head gently, making him take it deeper. When it’s Valentino’s turn to enjoy Todd’s mouth, Todd gets on his knees between Valentino’s legs and captures that dick with his hot mouth, gripping the base with his hand as his soft lips slide up and down the shaft.

Todd turns Valentino over and gives him a rimjob before joining him on the bed and letting Valentino sit his tight little ass on Todd’s cock. As Valentino slides that shaft into his hole, his ass stretches around that thick prick and he rides Todd harder and faster. When Todd wants to take control he flips Valentino onto his back and holds his legs apart, spreading that ass wide open as he pushes his dick into it again, fucking him balls deep. Valentino grabs his own member and jerks it until he cums, Todd’s cock still buried in his ass until he pulls out to shoot his load too!