BehindFriends – CAGED DESIRES PART 1 – Thomas Friedl & Thomas Fiats

Commander Thomas Friedl has a weird fetish: he likes seeing young twinks caged within his barracks. For the past few days, Thomas Fiats, a young private and new recruit, is his captive.

Friedl awakes his captive, still sleepy from an almost sleepless night; it’s time to begin their working day. He defames him with loud shouts as he unlocks the cage that served as Fiats’ refuge for the night. He grabs him by the head and puts on a blue beret on him.

Morning time is exercise time, and Friedl orders his slave to do high squats to get his blood pumping. Unsatisfied with Fiats’ efforts, Friedl puts on a gas mask on Fiats’ face while he gives him a head beating. Fiats follows his exercise regiment with push ups, with a scrutinous Commander Friedl watching on.

Friedl throws Fiats to the nearby sofa; Fiats falls back to the floor. The Commander orders his slave to start kissing his legs and pulls him close to his now rock hard dick. Fiats hesitates to suck Friedl’s dick at first, but a huge and hard dick is just too tempting to resist. He cannot cage his desires anymore.

Fiats sucks Friedl’s dick, even choking at times due to its enormity. His sexual desire is now out in the open, and he doesn’t stop enjoying Friedl’s hard dick like a lollipop. Fiats goes down to Friedl’s balls, licking it as he rims the Commander’s tight ass. Friedl shoves Fiats’ tongue to his ass, getting his ass wet in a surreal tongue fuck.

Friedl fucks his captive’s ass deep doggie style; moans of deep pain but great pleasure can be heard from the bottoming twink. Fiats sits on Friedl’s dick, making his ass tight to give his master maximum pleasure. Fiats’ dick, semi-hard, slams his tummy and Friedl’s balls. His desires are caged no longer, and he has unleashed raw sexual energies towards his master.

Friedl’s is close to cumming, and he fucks his slave as quick as a gatling gun. He unloads his cum on Fiats’ face, and face fucks his slave to sip all the cum away. Holding his hair firmly, Friedl asks his slave to cum on his boot, and Fiats cums as ordered. Fiats licks his own cum splattered all over Friedl’s boot. A visible relief illuminates the slave’s face. Could this gift of pleasure to his Commander be his key to freedom?

The Commander throws Fiats back to his cage, making sure today’s amazing sex is not their last. Fiats’ sexual desires are back in the cage and will again await for a chance for freedom.
24 June

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