Staxus – These hot boys will spill their seed

In March, these hot boys will spill their seed:

… Max Grey is a greedy little boy: First he puts a cucumber in his arse, then new boy Vittirio Vega‘s big bare cock!

… Ron Negba shows us how to treat a football fantatic like Rudy Stone right: You stuff his mouth and offer him your arse!

… exclusive boy Jake Stark brings both new boys Dimitri and Jarde and a sweet watermelon to good use! The watermelon is not the only tasty thing that got stuffed in this horny threesome!

… oh my gosh, another hot newbie!! So many cute boys and fresh faces – and Navon Raffi surely is a hottie! Look forward to watching him with Fero Kalo on his side!

… get yourself another dose of sexy boy slut Ron Negba, topped with some tasty fruits and topped by Navon Raffi!

These fuckable and handsome boys are lined up in April:

… Abir Tevel, well known from his adventures in “Refugee“, is back and ready for some more hot action with newbie Jarde. Just look at Jarde‘s wonderful abs, his smile and his sweet body! I’m sure his hole is a nice place to dip your cock in 😉

… oh look who we have here! Connor Rex is back and… oh look who is sucking on his big dick?! I wonder who will get fucked in this scene? Ron Negba or Connor Rex?

… I’ve just seen some pics, but I am sure this coupling will be one of the top 5 of this year’s scenes! Everybody’s darling Jaro Stone fucks super handsome Jake Stark!! A long dick and a nice ass… what a pairing!

… Vittirio Vega fucks Ron Negba in a warm, comfortable bed – and I am sure Ron’s tongue will be put to good use as well!

… You need a good massage after checking out all these hot scenes? Then watch Lior Hod and new boy Joel Tamir who know exactly which parts of a male body need to be well rubbed!

… here comes a pic with so much sexual energy and pure lust that you just need to get your cock out and wank to this lovely view! May I present Vittirio Vega and Dimitri to you?

… Abir Tevel wants to show off with his new tattoo and takes his chance to fuck sweet Ron Negba in a luscious little piece of underwear 🙂

… last but not least, you can look forward to Vitali Kutcher who returns to please Jake Stark with his big fuckstick. He heard some exciting rumors about Jake’s nice ass, so he came back to STAXUS to personally test it!