BentleyRace – Meet our new mate Bastien Passif naked for the first time

I’m really excited about today’s new mate on Bentley Race. I had been exchanging emails with 27 year old Bastien Passif for some time before we met at the beginning of summer here in Australia. He had done some nude photos with some other photographers and was keen to come around and go a bit further with me. I don’t often get guys who have such a nice hairy body as Bastien does, so I was really excited to shoot with him. Bastien comes from Spain, and grew up here in Australia. He has a big exhibitionist streak and couldn’t wait to get started. So I got him in to the studio stripping down naked. I was really happy to see that thick covering of fur across his chest and belly. Bastien is hairy all over! He’s keen to show off his beautiful bum in a jockstrap too. In his first video I am playing with Bastien’s hot bum, eventually making him cum while he wanks above me. I think Bastien is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this summer. He’s very keen to do more.