TickledHard – Jason Tickled Tortured and Forced To Cum

Jason absolutely hates being tickled, but Franco manages to persuade this totally straight guy to come in for a tickling session. He straps Jason down in his sweatshirt, boxer shorts and sneakers and starts on his upper body. It’s clear pretty fast that Jason’s armpits are super-ticklish. He convulses so hard that he causes the table to fold in half! Franco tickles his sensitive sides and pits with lubed fingers and brushes, and Jason has no choice but to submit. Franco pulls down Jason’s boxers and tickles his stomach, but when he goes digging for tickle gold in Jason’s inner thighs, it’s more of a turn-on than a torture. Jason’s uncut cock starts to stiffen, and Franco turns his attention there. He gives Jason his first blowjob from another guy, then returns to the torture. Jason’s feet are the last to go. Franco tickles them through his white athletic socks and then bare with his fingers, mouth and a nubby dog grooming brush. Of course, there’s always time for one last unexpected attack on the most torturous spot…Jason’s pits and ribs!