BoyGusher – Giovanni Martin

Welcome back to BoyGusher! We have Giovanni Martin with us today. Gio is 25 years old and he was visiting South Florida and was a bit short on some cash and needed to get back home and decided to give me a call but when he arrived he was so tired and sleepy so I suggested for him to take a nap and I will wake him up. As he woke up, I entered the room and I started filming him. Waking with a nice hard on in his undies. Gio removes the blanket and starts showing off his bulge and feeling his body. As he pulled out his cock, he started stroking and teasing his cockhead and balls giving me a really nice show. He found some lube and poured it all over his cock and began to jerk that dick. As he grunts out with pleasure he continues stroking up & down his cock. He really has a great big cock and as he continues stroking it, I can tell his cock was ready to shoot that cum that was being stored up in his balls. As slows down and teasing his cock a lot more I can tell he was ready to bust. With a few more jerks of his cock he explodes his huge boy gusher for our cameras.