BadPuppy – Brent Taylor & Dan Johnson

Brent Taylor needed a stress relieving pounding and Dan Johnson was more than willing to oblige. As they stripped off each other’s shirts the two were lip locked in a deep passionate kiss while Brent’s wandering hand found a growing bulge in Dan’s jeans. Dan stands, dropping his jeans to the floor, and Brent quickly swallows Dan’s thick, uncut cock working it with his tongue until it was rock-hard in his mouth. Seeing Brent jacking his own cock while sucking his, Dan drops to his knees to give Brent some oral stimulation. Brent can’t wait any longer and he spins around on the bed pointing his hot, tight ass at Dan’s cock. Dan quickly drives his cock all the way in and immediately Brent gets into the action of grinding his ass as deep on Dan’s thick piece of meat as he possibly can. Brent has Dan lie back on the bed where he mounts him like a horse and sits down on his cock. Dan starts fucking him like a little bunny; fast and furious. Brent is bouncing up and down; obviously enjoying every inch, as his own cock is rock hard and pointing straight up. Pushing Brent over on the bed, Dan grabs Brent’s legs and throws them back before he fills Brent’s aching hole again and goes right back to pounding the shit out of him. Brent was getting exactly what he wanted and before long he’s squirting his load of jizz all over his stomach. Dan pulls out and immediately let loose his load of cum coating Brent’s cock and balls.

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