WilliamHiggins – Franta Tucny

Franta Tucny is aged 20 and lives in Prague. This cute, sexy str8 guy is a driver who enjoys sports, cycling and swimming. He looks very good as he sits on the bed for his interview. The Franta stands up and removes his sweater and begins to feel his sexy body. His jeans are open, showing off his bush and his soft cock as it is tucked inside. Removing his jeans Franta moves onto the bed and lays down to wank his cock. He takes hold of his dick and tugs on it. That cock gets nice and hard as he wanks. He moves onto his knees and makes the cock bob up and down. He wanks his cock and runs a hand over his sexy body. Then Franta turns around and shows off his ass. He reaches back and spreads the cheeks. Then he leans over to that tight hole is shown as he spanks himself a couple of times. A helping hand joins Franta and begins to rub his hands all over that sexy ass. Franta sits and leans back as the oily hands run over his chest. Oil is dripped onto Franta’s cock an and then a hand rubs over it. Franta’s legs are raised into the air to show his tight hole as he wanks himself. The hands rub all over that sexy ass and hot hole. The cheeks are spread wide to pull on the hole. Then Frnats drops his legs and his cock is wanked as his balls are rubbed. Franta starts to moan as his cock is wanked hard and fast and then he shoots his hot cum onto his sexy body. His cock is milked dry before he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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