TickledHard – Ty Tucker Tickle Tortured

Franco has worked with Ty Tucker on gay-for-pay site Straight Fraternity before, but today he takes total control of Ty through tickle torture. Franco secures Ty in a seated position with his arms above his head and blindfolds him with a pair of silk sheers. It’s clear from the beginning that Ty is more of a squirmer than a vocalizer, but of course Franco still forces out Ty’s laughter. He confuses Ty’s senses by making his dick hard and feather-tickling him at the same time. The head of Ty’s cock is really ticklish, too. Franco sucks Ty’s hard dick while tickling him and edges his cock until he’s oozing pre-cum, but Ty won’t be allowed to nut. Instead, Franco drops his pants and uses Ty’s foot to release his huge load between Ty’s toes. Franco rubs his cum all over Ty’s foot and tickles his sticky soles. After some final thigh and side tickling, Franco unbinds the upper half of Ty’s exhausted body. It turns out Ty is even more ticklish once he’s been freed!

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