ClubAmateurUSA – CAUSA 591 Huck – Part 2

Back in July, shortly before his 25 birthday, Huck reached out to schedule another shoot. Since he was leaving the next day for a family vacation, I agreed to go ahead & film him and just set the shoot aside to run around this time. ‘Tis funny. Last week, I heard from Huck, once again, ready to film. That shoot will have to happen in mid to late November. 🙂 I, definitely, pushed Huck’s boundaries in terms of prostate play during this shoot, and although his conscious self sang a different turn, his body was singing in all the right keys. lol Huck is a quiet one, even during the intensity of direct prostate stimulation, and at one point, I stopped & counseled him that it was okay for him to make a joyful noise…. Well, as they say, silence is golden, and we’ll always have Huck’s perpetual eye rolling. And in PART TWO, during the post-orgasm cock torture, I thought that Huck was going to, literally, crawl off of the CAUSA massage table! ??

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