BeefCakeHunter – Ohioan Caleb Is Back

Ohioan Caleb is back after playing a hard cookie to get! I thought it would be easy to have him back at BeefCakeHunter Land, but a misunderstanding happened in relation to his Uber ride that made him a little upset. After several weeks, my persistence paid off and here he is for the delight of his fans, bringing us his: sexiness, beautiful smile and delicious thick cock!

Our “date” was planned from one day to the next. I usually allow some days for preparation, but I could not risk Beefcake Caleb changing his mind. You know sometimes the Beefcakes are unpredictable, so I prepared myself as fast as I could to make this shoot.

Ohioan Caleb is back with a nice tan, a very short haircut, smiling and determined to show us what he considers his “ugly” feet, you will agree with me that he has rather nice feet, right?

After chatting a bit, he is in the middle of the living room waiting for me to get to work. I get on my knees touching his “package” that is under his jeans, and then slowly taking off his underwear to uncover an already semi-hard dick. Ready to be wetted by my hungry mouth. I then continue sucking and even rimming his straight cherry. Something that he clearly loves. Here is when we can get a better glance of his feet.

I know many Hunters would like me to get Beefcake Caleb in several positions, but I promised him that there would not be any “complicated” act; so doggy style would do it this time. For sure there will be more if we get lucky and get this Ohioan Beefcake back 😉

It was a fast pace pounding, but I can’t complain, his thick cock was hard all the time and it was a good sensation in my man-pussy. Besides, hearing him laugh at some points made the whole thing more interesting. I guess everyone will have his own opinion about why Caleb may have laugh while fucking, I think it was funny! Lol

Finally, he is laying on the couch, shaking of pleasure just before giving us a creamy load. I did not waste any time in tasting it and swallowed a bit. yeah, I played the dirty girl right there lol.
I hope you enjoy this video of Ohioan Caleb is back Hunters, and let’s cross our fingers that he is back soon!

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