BoyGusher – Morning Workout – Adam Sloan

This week on Boygusher we have Adam Sloan is a hot 21year old bisexual guy that loves to have his cock stroked and jerking off and is a big fan of the site. I told Adam to chill out & relax and watch some porn while I set up his session for a hot handjob. I noticed he was playing with his cock under the sheets as he was watching porn. When I entered the room I notice he was so chilled out that he was almost sleeping so I decided to check out the goods and feel his body working my hands down his crotch. I gently feel Adams hardening cock and then I take a firm grip and stroke his cock up and down. Adam is really liking his cock being stroked as you can tell his cock is firm, long and very hard. While moaning and moving his hips some, his smooth tight body tightens up as his hips move as I continue to stroke his cock and tease his balls. Since Adam enjoys handjobs, it didn’t take long for him to bust his nut and jizz all over himself and onto my hand. Now that is what I call a good morning workout!

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