WilliamHiggins – Milos Ovcacek & Tomas Decastro Raw

Milos Ovcacek came in for a screentest with Tomas Decastro. They sit on the sofa and Tomas interviews Milos and then starts to kiss him. They help each other off with their tee shirts and kiss some more. Then Milos jeans comes off and his big hard cock soon has Tomas’ mouth wrapped tight around it. He sucks on Milos’ cock so well before his jeans comes off too to reveal that his dick is rock hard too. They kiss again as they wank each other’s dicks. Then Tomas returns to sucking on Milos. Soon Milos has the chance to suck on Tomas’ cock as well and does a great job of it. He really wanks and sucks on the cock before laying along the sofa so that Tomas can climb over him for a 69. Milos’ fat cock gets some great sucking as he works on Tomas’ as well. Then Tomas lays on the sofa and lifts his legs up for Milos to tongue his tight hole. Milos laps at the hole, while his big cock stays rock hard. He then kneels and presents his cock to Tomas’ ass and slides it deep inside. That big, fat, cock really stretches Tomas’ hole and fucks him deep. Milos’ fucking speeds up as Tomas moans, going in so deep. Having loosened the hole nicely Milos sits on the sofa and Tomas mounts him, sliding his ass down on the fat dick. He rides up and down on that cock and then Milos fucks the ass, pounding upwards into the hot hole. Tomas’ cock stands proud as his hole gets a real good work out. Then they move to spoon position with Milos continuing his deep, hard, fucking. Tomas grabs his cock and wanks it as he takes Milos’ dick all the way. He soon shoots his creamy cum with that dick deep in his hole. Milos keeps fucking the hot hole and then pulls out to dump his hot cum too. He milks the hot cum out of his cock and over Tomas ass and then takes him off to the shower to clean up after a great screentest.

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