MaverickMen – Max and Myles

Miles and Max is a special little video for us because it’s one of our new MaverickMen Directs video. We have been working on a bunch of new concepts for our video lines and this is one of our favs simply because we get to film and feel these guys out before we actually fuck them, lol. Miles is out and proud, Max seems to be straight and they are childhood friends that used to mess around, sucking and jerking-off each other. Miles recently answered an ad to do a stroke video and show-off his big boy cock for On The Hunt. For moral (ha IMMORAL!) support he decided to take along his “straight” buddy, Max. Somehow during the interview process, Max got so comfortable that we were able to talk this obviously straight boy into the action. Man, were we glad he did! Now let me restate that Max is indeed straight, for what it’s worth, and by straight I mean he prefers pussy over cock and had NEVER been fucked in the ass until tonight. I have to confess that we fell in lust with this straight boy (we always do!). He’s a serious wise-ass punk with a sexy swagger, and oh yeah; his sox smelled awesome! During this video you’ll see Miles getting all excited to fuck straight boy Max but that ends quickly when Miles confesses that he really wants to be fucked by his straight boy crush of many years. You’re gonna love this hot awkward suck and fuck session in a big way. Please let us know if you want to see more MaverickMen Directs videos on this site! Thanks again for always stroking with us. We love you guys! Cole and Hunter

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