I always try to be on time. Still I was just a little late because the description the boy gave me was very confusing. That’s why I couldn’t believe he was bitching about me being five minutes late! He had this smug and annoyed face when he asked where I had been. Arrogant bastard. Well, […]

DebtDandy 158

The newest resident has a decent body, and a mild disposition. It’s a damn shame that he isn’t taking his time with us seriously, however. For him, it seems like a mini-vacation and a new town for him to meet new people and hang out. In spite of his optimistic talk, he hasn’t found a […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Smashing His Sweet Ass Bareback – Thomas Penn ...

At CFNM.net, Ms Robenshaw wants to show Ashley and Nicole that boys’ penises aren’t to be feared. Unaware that the girls are far from innocent, she is allowing them to freely play with his genitals. Liam’s penis meanwhile is responding to their caresses – and starts leaking pre-cum almost immediately. The horrified schoolboy must stand […]

CFNM – Liam

Sexual tension hangs heavy in the air inside Master Nick’s prison cell; He and Warder Guy take out their frustration and pent up sexual aggression on prison slut peter… Nick demands his thick cock gets serviced in the sub’s slutty mouth Gripping peter’s head he impales the sub’s throat deep onto his prick making peter […]

BrutalTops – Master Nick & Master Guy – RAMPANT PRISON ...

When Tristan and Logan’s master leaves them home alone he tells them to "be good" but they aren’t. Soon they are nipping and playing and rolling around, and then comes the hot raw fucking!! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! When Tristan and Logan’s master leaves them home alone […]

The Secret Life Of Pups

Pornstar John Despe smashes the beautiful Byron Cohen with his very big cock. Live from the backroom, Byron who was quite active, is not accustomed to taking such big cocks in his ass… Although initially Byron Cohen only moaned a little, big cock John Despe is going to give him […]

The Casting Of Byron Cohen

These sluts have smarts and they know just how to use ’em to get what they want! Witness the hottest and nastiest twinks ever. Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! These sluts have smarts and they know just how to use ’em to get what they want! Witness the […]

Ass Twinks

No Description Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! William Higgins brings us even more hot naked men battling for dominance in the exciting 41st volume of No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling! Categories: Wrestling Czech High Definition Uncut Anal International Gay Bareback Euro Scene Number: 3 Orientation: Gay Studio Name: […]

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 41

Guys swinging the other way for the first time and getting filmed in the process! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Guys swinging the other way for the first time and getting filmed in the process! Stars: Amelio (m) Bradley Wood Categories: Safe Sex Anal Twink Gay Amateur Scene […]

Boys First Time 20

Interracial bareback fucking brings amateur bottoms and big dick tops together in sexual harmony! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Interracial bareback fucking brings amateur bottoms and big dick tops together in sexual harmony! Categories: Anal Thug High Definition Bareback Gay Black Big Dick Interracial Amateur Scene Number: 2 […]

Thug Boogie: White Holes Matter

With an unbelievable runtime of 255 minutes this brand new movie is stuffed with one scorchingly hot open air scene after the other! It certainly adds a special buzz to outdoor sex that you always face the risk you might be caught in the act, but feeling the fresh air […]

Open Air Sluts 3

I crawl around the apartment. These random dudes coming in and out will just use me like a piece of meat. Cum dripping out of my two holes. My ass doesn’t stop getting pounded. Dicks shoved in my ass and down my throat. I’ll keep doing this until I pass out from exhaustion. It’s not […]


For the first time in my life, I was struck speechless when for a minute while directing a video, it was suggested that I would see a lubed-up bald head shoved up a giants ass, lol! While shooting this video, I came to understand how vanilla I actually am. These boys had fucked several times […]

MaverickMenDirects – PIG IN THE POKE

Man oh man, we really enjoyed doing this video with our pocket-sized buddy, Jason. He came by our place to do a solo stroke video while Hunter was away and he was just way too cute for words. I had to really restrain myself from fucking his sweet little ass right then and there. So, […]


When new LatinBoyz star Jae G. told us he wanted to get fucked we told him we would love to watch and asked him who the luckly guys would be. Without thinking he said he really wanted to get pounded by that cute bisexual papi Katracho. Katracho never turns down the chance to fuck a […]

LatinBoyz – Jae G. & Katracho

Found out one of the pledges has a little dick. We threw his ass against the wall and pounded it good. This dumb ass kid gives really good head too. Me and the boys face fucked him forever. The dude was slobbering all over our dicks. We made him suck it clean and then dumped […]


Anthony Cruz is taking a break and having a cigarette waiting on Steeven to show up. As soon as Steeven arrives it’s straight to worshiping Anthony’s Nike’s and sucking his suck. Enjoying both Steeven’s foreplay and a “cold one” it doesn’t take long before Anthony is ready for this young man’s ass. Steeven gets down […]

FrenchDudes – Anthony Cruz & Steeven

Mechanic Guy has installed a pathetic, undeserving sub in his service bay to clean & detail his deliciously hairy armpits, arse crack and balls which get really hot and sweaty confined in his overalls all day… Flipping the sub over onto the bonnet of a car the Top’s descend on it, hard cocks in hand […]

BrutalTops – Master Derek & Master Guy – MECHANICS OIL ...

Sub ben has been installed as the Top’s ashtray… Football hooligans Derek and Toby are enjoying a leisurely smoke with their bottles, ashing their cigarettes in the sub’s mouth… Ben cries out in agony as Master Derek’s size 10 trainers bite into his sensitive cock. Toby climbs up next onto ben’s prone body, trampling both […]

BrutalTops – Master Toby & Master Derek – HOOLIGANS TRASHING ...

The women decide that Ray needs to be punished for his disrespectful attitude. A good hard paddling on his bare backside should drive the message home! And every second of his humiliation is being filmed to be used for a very special purpose…

CFNMTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend – Part 3

It’s a very unorthodox type of education that Julie and Maggie are getting – but they are loving every second as they explore Mr Douglas’s body. Meanwhile a bored Sophie and Grace wait impatiently for something exciting to happen. They don’t have to sit there long as the mysterious St Dunstan’s burglar makes an ill-advised […]

CFNMTV – Night at St Dunstan’s – Part 7

Having disciplined the nervous exchange student until his bum is sore and burning, the Headmaster and teacher Mr Walker seize the boy’s tumescent cock and jerk him demandingly. Dubrovski can’t stop himself from aching to release all his pent up sperm even though he’s standing stark naked in the middle of the Headmaster’s office! Having […]

CMNM – Blue Balls – Part 4

Two vicious Masters unite to damage this feeble young sub. Derek and Edward find their sub alone and naked and scream abuse at him and order him to suck Master Edward’s hardening dick. With a belt in hand, Master Derek threatens the worm and then has the runt lick clean the stinking arsehole of his […]

BrutalTops – Masters Derek and Edward – FAGGOT, SUCK MY ...

Boy Fillmore has a new pup that needs some training. Boy takes his pup, Ace Era, out of his cage for play time. First, Boy gives his puppy some piss to quench his thirst. Then, he feeds him his bone, face fucking that puppy with his hard dick. In walks Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter to help with this bad puppy's training session. They take turns feeding Ace daddy dick down his throat. Then Dolf notices a nice shiny butt plug in the puppy's ass. He pulls it out and replaces it with his cock. All three guys take turns fucking their new pup's ass and mouth. All three guys dump a load in Ace's pup hole. After a hot and heavy fuck session, the puppy gets some more piss to cool off. Then it's back in his cage 'til his next training session.

Pound My Puppy

The orgy continues as the 8 hot fuckers pound each other's holes with huge raw cock. Brian Bonds gets his slutty ass in the sling for the gang bang of his life and ends up with loads dripping from his wrecked hole.

Big Sex Club Orgy Part 2

Have we got an insanely hot scene for you this week. Declan McClain and Jake Matthews are two of the hottest guys we’ve had on the tour – throw into the mix new porn star Cody Shane and we have a barebacking threesome worth locking yourself in your room for […]

Cody, Declan & Jake BAREBACK in Oklahoma City

Fetish dude gets bondage, teased and spankedSkyler Bleu is very unhappy with his puppy slave today. He disobeyed him at the fetish party they went to and now he has to take his punishment!

Sean Michel Bradley & Skyler Bleu

The pig in the training Dane Down Under finds one hell of a master in Macanao Torres. The Spanish macho is in Boxer Berlin in search of new Fetish gear as Dane’s feet run by him. Young, short hair, red sneakers and tight red rubber shorts in which his ass […]

Macanao Torres & Dane Down Under

When hot, black American top Troy Moreno gets his hands on Russian born Ares Fly, it's a sexual war of world powers. Troy fucks the sense out of Ares in every possible angle before dropping a mother load on Ares' beautiful ass.

America vs. Russia

Before all the leaves turn and the chill takes over the air, the Breed enjoys one last night of hot, raw summer loving! Nate and Tyce meet up at the pool for a swim, but after talking (and touching) for a minute it's clear they ain't gonna make it to the water. Tyce is so ready he ends up cumming, but he keeps going; good things they both came with their holes and throats already wet! Tyce: "Now, I'm really ready for a swim!" Nate: "Now, I'm really ready for that ass!"

The Last Days of Summer

Summer is not yet over and our top hung top-mate Koldo Goran is enjoying some fresh air’s relief in the woods when sexy tattoed stud Angel Garcia approaches him to ask for a cigarette: Koldo does’t smoke but he has something better to offer. When Angel discover the huge banana inside his leg he does […]

FuckerMate – Koldo Goran and Angel Garcia

This one really warms my heart. I love seeing a real gung ho cadet like Chase teamed up with a less experienced dude like sweet Dante. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing each of these guys do some serious battle on the frontlines, but this time Chase is really stepping into a leadership role. Dante […]

ActiveDuty – Dante & Chase

Hung and lean Brad Davis sits in a tub stroking his meat when blond stud Shawn Reeve arrives. Brad stands and Shawn sucks him as his own cock pops out of his Fruit of the Looms. Shawn lays back and Brad rims his hole with his pierced tongue. Brad sucks Shawn’s shaft while Shawn moans. […]

CockSureMen – Brad Davis Barebacks Shawn Reeve