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Erik Spector has been good friends with Dale Madden for a long time, but there is one thing that Erik never liked. Dale has a dirty mouth and it always embarrasses Erik when they go out somewhere. Erik was not feeling very good emotionally one night and he was bothered […]

Abel Lacourt and Gabriel Lambert are changing in the locker room of the pool when they are caught with an uncontrollable erection and an irrepressible desire to masturbate. Used to exhibit their bodies, they don’t care about being surprised in action and we even think they would be delighted that […]

Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe are old college football buddies who married their college sweethearts. They get together once a week to watch the Buckeye game The Ready Bar. They’re complaining about their wives no longer putting out when Michael sets down his drink and heads to the bathroom. Kurtis […]

Chad Piper isn’t brand new, but he’s new to Paul Canon, and that’s good enough for Paul. After chilling together by the pool, Paul is ready to get his hands on Chad’s assets. Chad is also eager to experience Paul’s cannon, and as Paul begins to suck him off, Chad […]

Jace & Brendan have been communicating and it is now The Moment Of Truth. Jace is extremely turned on by Brendan’s Irish accent. Brendan is new to the area and as they finish talking about his past Brendan tells Jace that he desires big cocks and that he can handle […]

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Dean and Manny have both been with us for a while now, and we thought they should finally meet…and what better way to get acquainted than to be naked in a bathtub together? “That’s just how we do it here!” Dean proclaimed. They got really comfortable with each other pretty […]

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In a new category Milking Men we have Nikol Monak. He is in for a very hot session, where his cock is brought to the very edge of cumming without actually shooting, time after time. Then finally he is allowed to cum. He is tied to a beam and has […]

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On the last day of school, just before summer holidays, I got invited to a grill party. A friend I haven’t seen for some time called me and invited me to a party to celebrate the end of school. I was more than happy to go, of course. Nice weather, […]

Simon was on a mission to entrap pervy Head master Swallows, but even after posing as a new school boy and putting his whole body into the scheme he didn’t get the evidence required. This handsome stud isn’t acting alone. He reports back to the mysterious man behind the curtain […]

Some of these mean, arrogant fuckers are the kinda guys you really wouldn’t wanna meet in real life, but when it comes to a nasty, arrogant fucker for sex – Leonardo Lucatto really looks the part ( he’s a great guy in real life but WOW he plays a real […]

Don’t say we never listen! We had requests for another hot portion of Matt Anvers, and here he is, bulging and brooding and ready to go, and for a partner we chose brand spanking, fresh-off-the-bus – Rico Fatale, a sexy hunk, out to make a big splash for his first […]

Elder Hardt is down to the last few days with his companion, Elder Miltmore At the end of their 2 years, missionaries tend to get ‘trunky.’ Trunky is a term that means they’ve already packed their bags (trunks) and in their mind they are already back home. As it happens, […]

It’s been about one year since we’ve last seen Michael Lachlan in a Lucas Entertainment scene: he was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, and he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, and I like to […]

Both Andy McAllister and Justin Saradon have become accomplished performers by now, and it is very obvious that they like what they do. I know that some of you would prefer them more muscular, but it is not necessarily what we are looking for on the Freshmen website, George Duroy […]

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